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Brand New or Used: That's The Question

ford mustang pics 

It’s not that I want a new car. In fact, I was looking for houses in our local papers when I came across some ads that genuinely shocked me.

Has anyone else seen the huge discounts offered on new and used cars lately? Add to this the government’s scrappage scheme of allowing £2000.00 off a new car when you ‘exchange’ any car over 8 years old, and you come up with an irresistible bargain.

I’ve always maintained that I never want a brand new car. I want to save myself the stress of having to be extra careful about the tiniest of scratches (I concern myself with the bigger picture). For me, once I have the first scratch, I can relax after that. Is this just me, or does anyone else feel that way?

During the first week of taking home my nice, shiny, used car, I check it constantly for little damages and scrapes. Thanks to car vandals, I don’t have to worry about this for very long. One day I’ll go to the supermarket, and when I come out with my groceries, there will be a long scratch right down the side where someone has taken it upon themselves to ‘christen’ it.

This doesn’t just happen to me, mind. I look around the car park and most other cars have been kindly keyed as well. I almost think it’s worth doing it yourself to save them the bother, and you get the satisfaction knowing you’ve done it yourself. I feel sorry for the people driving better cars than mine though. I see them jumping into their ford escape, chevrolet camaro and honda fit and think how angry I would be if I bought one of those sleek, brand new cars only to be keyed by vagabonds on my first drive out.

So, even though cars now seem to be almost dirt cheap (so cheap I find myself thinking that after all, a brand new one may not be that bad), I don’t think it’s for me. While I’m a very careful driver, I don’t want to be too fussed about scratching the side of my car on my hedge when I drive in. Besides, now that I proudly wear my keyed side when I go out, my car is no longer attractive to people looking for something to do with their idle minds.


Tana said...

I've always been blessed with new cars and i figure the first dent is destiny. It all goes down eventually.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

Even though the incentive is very tempting, I'll hold on to my Honda until its last breath..I can't afford the monthly payment anyway..

Loree said...

My husband keeps telling me to get a new car but I love my little car and I can fit it into the smallest parking place :)

dellgirl said...

Great post, I like the new prespective. That's an interesting way to look at it. I love my nice new previously owned car, lots of pre-installed dings & scratches to make it easy to identify - quickly.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend.


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