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Would Susan Boyle Do 'Pants On The Ground'?

When Susan Boyles’ audition for Britain’s Got Talent garnered more than 100 million views in nine days, the world erupted in a bizarre Susan Boyle-esque mania. Women all over the world, cut and permed their hair. (Not really). She later went on to convince the universe of her astonishing talent by out-selling Lady Gaga in Britain.

Watch the You Tube link here. (They won't let you imbed the code any more) or here

Who would’ve thought that a over year later, 62 year-old General Larry Platt’s American Idol’s audition would’ve attracted this kind of online media attention.

Granted, his ‘talents’ can’t be classed in the same continent as Susan Boyle’s, but I have a feeling that his ‘Pants on the Ground’ video is going to cover every Internet surface for the next couple of months.
(I loved the way he simply ignored Simon Cowell and kept singing long after he was told, ‘that’s enough.’)

To be honest, I quite liked his audition. There has since been a string of spoof performances swallowing up the web. I liked this one from one of the most respected artistes in the industry, Neil Young (before NBC Universal banned it just a few second ago). Who's next to gobble up the 'Pants In The Ground' mania? Personally, I would love to see Susan Boyle do it. Wouldn't you?


Glynis Peters said...

Lol I loved the way he pretended to be deaf to Simon.
Susan-Pants on the ground? I would like to see her do it.:)

DoanLegacy said...

I've heard of Susan Boyle's voice, and it's beautiful, but I don't follow American I have to start watching..

Unknown said...

God bless his spunk! I hate the way young men wear their pants sagging. I've had quite enough of seeing their boxers.

Ching Ya said...

I have a feeling we're going to see him in the finals, where they normally invite back those who made an impression to the viewers. 62 years old! Wow, I can't even move or sing like he does.

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Middle Ditch said...

I think she is great! It's just because she doesn't fit the bill, isn't it? I mean she's not young and pretty and that wont do apparently.

myletterstoemily said...

my sentiments exactly! i applaud his pluck!

Anne Lyken-Garner said...

He definitely has a point, girls. As Judy said, I'm tired of seeing young men's underwear.

dabrah said...

That was so amusing! I agree, I don't know how the pants don't end up on the ground because sometimes they seem to actually be defying gravity since there's nothing holding them up.


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