In a crisis torn, South American country, only little Ann's faith, her determination, and one young woman could help keep her dreams of escape alive.

A true story...
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My Swedish Film

I've made a film!

It's in Swedish (with subtitles)! Well, to be honest, it's not really a film. You only see my face. You can do the same too. There's a website which allows you to put your face into a film. (I learned about it from Webphermera.)

This film is a fantastic promotional project called The Hero - A Movie About You or Someone You Know. It was put together by the Swedes in order to convince the public that paying for your TV license was the right thing to do. 
Now people all over the world are putting their faces up there. 

You can too. Watch this then upload your picture and away you go. It takes a little while to load, but hang in there. It asks you to click on the link for a faster upload. Do this to watch it in the larger version and wait for it to start. 


Unknown said...

Anne, you are the star. I like your new picture too. You look great in that soft shade of blue.

Icy BC said...

Oh Anne, that was worth the wait! So fun to watch..

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