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Gas 4 Free

This is a British blog, but I know 75% of my readership comes from the U.S, therefore I couldn't help blogging about this once I'd seen it. Have you heard of the water hybrid engine technology? Apparently, in the US companies are widely promoting what they call a 'simple technology' that allows your car to be powered by water. Yes, water.
A programme called Gas 4 Free allows your present car, diesel or petrol, to be fully converted to use water. This system claims many advantages including:
  • being able to clean out your engine.
  • doubling the performance of your vehicle.
  • reducing emissions.
  • the IRS will pay you a refund for using it.
What's more, they claim to give a 100% money back guarantee. Obviously, I cannot vouch for this system, as I've never used it. What I can say, is that it's so fascinating to me, I would use it were it available here (and once I'd researched all the facts). I know that Americans think petrol (gas) is really expensive in the U.S, but not having any of the petrol concessions you have there, we in the U.K pay twice as much for our petrol/diesel.

How it works

You will not be able to go totally gas free. Water will supplement the gas you already use. The electricity in the car battery is used to separate the water (H2O) into a gas known as HHO. This gas is one part oxygen, two part hydrogen. Theoretically, this is the gas which burns to power the car. After burning, the waste product is merely water. This obviously is a green way to use your vehicle.

This is what Wikepedia describes as the drawback of this system:

'The attraction of using hydrogen as an energy currency is that, if hydrogen is prepared without using fossil fuel inputs, vehicle propulsion would not contribute to carbon dioxide emissions. The drawbacks of hydrogen use are low energy content per unit volume, high tankage weights, the storage, transportation and filling of gaseous or liquid hydrogen in vehicles, the large investment in infrastructure that would be required to fuel vehicles, and the inefficiency of production processes.'

So, Gas 4 Free? Have you ever heard of this and would you convert your own car? Click Here! for details.


Unknown said...

Anne, I don't know a whole lot about this, but I work in a call center for a utility company and some customers have what they call time of day vehicle charges. They have to plug in their vehicle to charge it. I have not researched it any further as very few customers seem to have it. I've had one in two years and she did not even know she had it, so it was probably something set up by the previous homeowner. It is not being promoted actively.

Loree said...

I don't know if I would use it because water here is almost asa expensive as petrol but at l east it owuld be a greener alternative. Or would it? Since we get most of our water through reverse osmosis which requires oil to power the process, it might not end up being any greener. Too much of a dilemma this morning but very in teresting post. Maybe we should all buy a donkey? LOL

Anne Lyken-Garner said...

Thanks for coming by, Judy and Loree. I definitely think it's something to investigate, especially for those of us who live in developed countries which create most of the green house gases.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

I haven't heard of this yet, but it sounds very fascinating..

Self Sagacity said...

Ann, Please visit my post of and see the Blooming Camellias that you said you can't wait to see. Have a good weekend.

Self Sagacity said...

Hi Ann, I have heard about this through my brother. I was scared though to put anything different in my car. I am not sure if the water will be good for the engine in the long run, but would be a dream come true if there is no side effects.


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