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Edible Arrangements For Mother's Day

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Flowers have always been a very welcomed Mother's Day present. Mothers all over the world (here in March, and on the other side of the globe, in May) are given rushed, last minute bunches of flowers when all other  original ideas for mother's day presents have been exhausted.
Nowadays you can give your mother flowers for mother's day (or any other occasion) and still give her an original gift in the mix. This is where edible arrangements come in.

Joy Romantic Gift for Her (28 Pieces Dark & Milk: 1 Bouquet-5 Edible Chocolate Flowers + 1 Candy Ladybird + 10 premium Chocolates and 1 Ballotin-12 premium Chocolates)
This milk chocolate arrangement comes in a delightful package, in all kinds of shapes and sizes, with a fantastic array of colours and flavours. It's an unforgettable bouquet.

Fruit Bouquets, Delicious Designs

For mothers who can't eat chocolate, or those who like fruit better, here is a splendid arrangement of Fruit Bouquets, Delicious Designs for her. This book inspires you to create the most wonderful edible flower designs. Not only can she admire the setting and arrangement, when she feels the need for a healthy snack, she can tuck in to her heart's content.

Little Book (Box of 28 Luxury French Chocolates , 7.5 Oz)

And what about the woman who loves reading? This is the ideal edible arrangement! Little Book (Box of 28 Luxury French Chocolates , 7.5 Oz) The packaging are natural wooden boxes which can be used for storage once the chocolates are all gone.

Candy Bouquets, Delicious Designs

Now, here's one you can easily do yourself. You get the instructions with colour pictures to help you make the perfect home made, edible arrangement. This one is not just for your mother, but will come in handy for get-togethers, weddings and birthdays all year round.

Edible Art: Tricks And Tools for Master Centerpieces

This last one is really exciting. It shows you how to make a large variety of edible centrepieces . Why not make one specially for your mother and blow her away with your talent and dedication. Anyone can do these. The directions are simple and straightforward. This is the perfect edible gift any mother would like to receive. 

Now that you have the links, go ahead and see what you can do to make mother's day special for your mother! 


Icy BC said...

Fresh fruits are my favorite! These are great info, Anne. I know you don't celebrate Mother's day today, so have a fantastic day..

Anne Lyken-Garner said...

Thanks, Icy. You do too, with your lovely children.

Loree said...

Edible gifts - that's a great idea for next year :)

DoanLegacy said...

Wow..great ideas! What is better than edible gifts? Thanks for the info.

Anne Lyken-Garner said...

Super. They can be given at any time of year too.

myletterstoemily said...

great ideas for any time of year. thank you.

Great ideas for any time of year. Thank you. :)

Glynis Peters said...

Great ideas, Anne. Mmm, am dribbling now.

Anne Lyken-Garner said...

Hi, Glynis. Now we can have our cake and eat it too!

jo oliver said...

Dang, I hate I missed this. I would have loved to do this for Mother's Day, but that is me- a day late and a dollar short.

Ann Flower said...

Just gone through your blog and found it wonderful. It was nice going through your blog. Keep on posting.


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