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Chinese New Year - What Animal Are You?

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The Chinese New Year is steeped in history and mathematics, and is thought to have been first perfected in 500 BCE.
Westerners have heard several myths of how each year was originally named. One of the most popular legends is that Buddha asked the animals to meet him on New Year's Day, and for the 12 that came, he rewarded them  by naming a year after each of them. 

Ever since the event, legend has it that people born in the year named after a particular animal are said to have some of its attributes. For example, babies born this year will be natural leaders (like the tiger).

Apart from mainland China, the Chinese New Year is celebrated in many other countries like The Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand etc.
Festivities continue from the start to the fifteenth day of the year. Chinese people take a few days off work to prepare for and celebrate this holiday - the most important in their culture. Families work hard to spend time together, and even poor relatives send money to each other in little red envelopes. Days are set aside for specific activities. For example the first five days include:

Day 1 - Welcome the deities and abstain from meat.
Day 2 - Married daughters visit parents.
Day 3 and 4 - Visit graves of dead relatives or homes of relatives who've recently passed on.
Day 5- Shoot firecrackers.

Even for us Westerners, the legends hold intrigue, mystery and even an element of fun.
Find out which animal you're most like by clicking on the link and type in your date of birth. I don't believe in this, but for the fun of it, was interested to find out what it said about the year I was born. According to this site, I'm a monkey: 'Very clever, but mischievous. Love a challenge and can wriggle out of difficult situations by thinking through difficult problems. Highly successful and well-liked.'

What animal are you? Are you anything like it?


Loree said...

This is me: You are a Dog
Faithful, honest and ready to serve others. Believe in truth and justice and loyal to friends. Always willing to listen to people’s problems and is able to gain the respect of others. Will share their thoughts but do not easily forgive those who cross them. Trustworthy. Tend to worry too much.

I left you an award on my blog. Please do not feel pressured to pass it on but I think you deserve it so much.

Anne Lyken-Garner said...

Sounds good, Loree. Are you anything like it said? Thanks so much for the award. I'll pick it up soon.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

I'm also a dog..I was told that I'm the guardian of the home..

Unknown said...

Icy fits her description. She also has the "whimsical streak" and always lends a hand.

Anne, my source says that the monkey is super-verbal and expressive and has a great comedic wit.

I'm a rabbit with a talent for diplomacy. I'm a born romantic and have a knack for turning a profit. Being romantic when your partner is not is exasperating and where's the profit? Fortunately I believe that it does not profit one to gain the world and lose their soul, so money is not the goal. So perhaps I have turned a "profit". :-)

Self Sagacity said...

Hi Ann,
I am a horse. Very much as described by the Chinese Zodiac. ;-)

Middle Ditch said...

Hi Anne, I'm a dragon, close to the cusp of the rabbit. Some who know the signs well say that I have more characteristics from the rabbit. David is a horse (definitely eats like one), daughter number one is the bossy rooster and daughter number two the mischievous rat.

Unknown said...

I'm a tiger. Says I do not like taking orders - not true!! But I'm a Leo too - so, I'm one hunk of an animal in the wild!!! Well, the next year will be the year of the rabbit. Who belongs to this year?


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