In a crisis torn, South American country, only little Ann's faith, her determination, and one young woman could help keep her dreams of escape alive.

A true story...
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Profile Yourself For A Date With Simon Cowell

First of all, please complete the profile test below. Your answers will reveal if your application will be processed any further. Please give the first answer that comes to your head, as this will be the most honest response. Genuine applicants will go further than those attempting to fake their scores.

Send (a), (b), or (c) answers on a post card to the address below with your age, photograph and contact details.

1. People who have plastic surgery seek to enhance their physical appearance because
(a) They just want to look their best and are brave enough to do what it   takes.
(b) They know that more people fall in love with you if you look good.
(c) They’re hollow inside and the outward validation they seek by false pretences reflect their inner weaknesses.

2. When it comes to talent, people who get discovered on reality shows are:
(a) Better than others who make their own way.
(b) Worse than those who get discovered in other ways.
(c) The same as others. The only difference is the process by which they get discovered.

3. As it relates to natural beauty and the majority of the world’s appreciation of attractive women.
(a) Blonde women are generally more beautiful.
(b) Dark haired women are generally more beautiful.
(c) Hair colour doesn’t matter. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

4. Wealthy men and women should always sign pre-nuptial agreements because
(a) Their money belongs to them and not their spouses.
(b) Only the money they earn while married should be shared in case of a divorce.
(c) All the money they have and have ever made should be split in half in the event of a separation.

5. As it relates to age in relationships.
(a) Age is just a number. It doesn’t matter if people love each other.
(b) Simon Cowell thinks people should date within their own age groups.
(c) Men should always be older than the women they date.

6. In the world of fashion.
(a) I think it doesn’t matter if a man has good dress sense or not.
(b) It’s vital that the man I marry should have great dress sense.
(c) I want to be the pretty one. If a man has better dress sense than me, I won’t date him.

7. Where it concerns common sense.
(a) I think getting mostly (a) answers in this profile test makes me a perfect match for Simon Cowell.
(b) I think this profile test is nonsense. But I love Simon Cowell and will do anything to go out with him.
(c) I think Simon Cowell doesn’t need web profile tests to get a girlfriend, and I’ve just wasted 5 minutes of my time with no date to show for it.

If you answered (c) to the last question you’ll be right. My guess is that Simon Cowell can get his own date in his own time.

The point of this? You did it. You decide.

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•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

I fell the test miserably, and I will definite skip this guy!


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