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No Recalling The Human Design

Toyota has now recalled more than 8 million cars because of several little faults in the design. Various defects have meant that the cars cannot possibly function the way they're meant to. We all know cars are made to do one thing. You can't ask them to do the washing up. You won't expect them to manage an office or raise kids. You certainly won't ask your car to volunteer at the youth centre on Wednesday nights. No. Cars enable us to do one thing - drive.

Several intelligent and talented men and women designed and planned, then manufactured cars. A defect in the design means they can no longer be driven safely. We expect that cars, even though they only do one thing, are a product of intelligent design. One oversight, and they're no good.


I'm expected to believe that I, a person who's able to:
Cool myself down when I'm overheating by just producing water through millions of radiators all over my body.
Lessen the tension when my gears are being changed too fast, by leaking fluids through my headlights.
Start, stop and reverse automatically (without having to use gears) by just using my engine to think it.
See obstacles in my path and go around them in fine motor precision.
Observe barriers behind me and turn around without having to back up.
Track and acknowledge other 'machines' around me and communicate with them by just opening my bonnet.
Crouch down and stand tall in just one simple movement.
Go from 0 to full blast in split seconds.
Do cold starts every time without fail.
Use my snow tracks to get through high snow without going off course.
Honk my (versatile) horn as softly or loudly as I want to.
Transform into different machines whenever necessary, and as frequently as required.
Heal my own bumps and scrapes by growing a new body work in mere days. 
Release any rattling in my gear box merely by blowing off steam from either of two strategically placed exhaust pathways.
Carry hundreds of passengers inside my shell for as long as I want to.
Drive on no fuel if required.

A car with only one purpose doesn't just 'happen.' It can't be slapped together or banged into existence. Behind its creation (for it was created) was a precise, intentional and intelligent design. This is made clearer by the aftermath demonstrated by these recent, little oversights. 

It's natural to accept that an intelligent being created the car but not me?
A dumb organism 'decided' he was going to become me one day and just did? 
Please explain below how this is so. 


Carmen Araneta said...

Our Creator is much greater than the one He also created to created cars. Although we are not perfect, but He provided the Way for us to be so.

Anne Lyken-Garner said...


Loree said...

Deep thoughts Anne. I can only say we were created in a special way.

Glynis Peters said...

Anne, there is an award for you on my author blog.
Interesting post, good comparison piece.

myletterstoemily said...

great point and well said, as

"in the beginning, God created!"

Anne Lyken-Garner said...

Thanks all. Glynis, I'll pop over to see that award. Thanks so much.


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