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Football, Men, Facts and Fixtures

I heard on the radio the other day that all men are autistic to a degree. The interviewee claimed that boys who’re classed as ‘autistic’ are just males with an extra-heavy shot of testosterone.

I’ve been wondering ever since, if there is an element of truth in this. If we used football as an example we’ll notice that men who love the game can watch the livescore with one eye (then memorise them) and keep the other firmly placed on the game they’re watching. Yet, if you ask them to shop for more than three items, many will return home with tools, a sleeping bag and a pet rat – none of which you asked for.

Without any effort, men can commit to memory, football fixtures and bookmakers odds for all their teams with accuracy. They know the matches' start and finishing times to the precise second. Wedding anniversaries and birthdays, however, seem not to stick to the grey matter with that much intensity.

Do you know a guy who’s great with one-tracked thought pattern involving facts and stats? Is he just football crazy or slightly autistic?
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Glynis Peters said...

I live with a football fanatic. It amazes me how he will remember the score of every English premier league team, yet forget to clean one small window for me!

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

I don't personally know one, but I have heard and seen men who name out the scores like they are reading an open book!

Tes said...

My husband is keen on scores too. It amazes me how he can remember what score goes with what game/sports? :D

Unknown said...

I know. Ask my husband my birthday or our anniversary and you'll get a blank stare, but ask him teams stats.

Anne Lyken-Garner said...

Thanks for vailidating this, girls. Men are a puzzle, aren't they?


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