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Space and Time

I’ve always had a strong interest in Space and in the planets and moons held suspended over our earth, defying the laws of gravity. It was this curiosity - not expert knowledge (as I have neither expertise nor knowledge about astronomy) that drove me to research and write several articles about these bodies in Outer Space. I hasten to add that these ‘articles’ were more a showcase of mind-blowing pictures, than exquisite, wordy commentaries. The images are complete, and words would’ve only been redundant, noisy additions to material that already said everything.

In the darkness, propelled through my quest for enlightenment, I stumbled across NASA’s gravesite which had literally thousands of random Space pictures. There were quite a number breath-taking images scattered throughout the albums of dull spacecraft pictures. Of course, in order to glean the most attractive of the collection, one had to go through all of these images individually. Although a seemingly daunting task, I managed to bring satisfaction to a huge number of my fans by digging them out.

Hours of work paid off when I put together five definitive albums of wonderful, remarkably stunning Space pictures.

A Handpicked Collection of  Ultimate Space Pictures 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

On a smaller scale, these first three Space Pictures' albums brought my fans some enjoyment too. The 10 Most Awesome Pictures Taken From Outer Space, Welcome To Mankind's New Home in Space, and Pictures of earth and Outer Space at Night. After writing these articles and collating the pictures, I edited the pieces to cut down half of the words I’d originally written. I found that the pictures were more than enough to speak for themselves.


Loree said...

Wow Ann, I am amazed that you took the time to go through all those photos and find the best ones. I think I would not have had the patience. So thanks for it for lazy ol' me :)

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

I love your space pictures collection!

Anne Lyken-Garner said...

Thanks for the visit, guys.

Unknown said...

If they are on Triond, I simply must check them out. I have been absent from there as my new training has had me exhausted when I get in and needing to study. I can barely keep up with my blogs & family. Your blog is looking prettier all the time.

Diane said...

Awe inspiring! Hope you have a great weekend! :O)

Anne Lyken-Garner said...

Thanks, Diane. You too.


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