In a crisis torn, South American country, only little Ann's faith, her determination, and one young woman could help keep her dreams of escape alive.

A true story...
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Dear reader

All of the events that I’ve recorded in this book have happened to me in real life, each and every one of them and more. I have changed some of the names of the people in this novel because I did not wish to cause them any embarrassment. Apart from these names, nothing else has been changed.

I have written down these bits of my life to show that regardless of your past, with God’s help, and a few good people, you are potentially able to rise above it and can consciously decide not to allow it to affect the present.

It’s an agonizing affair, but I believe that if people who’ve been abused in their childhood allow their entire lives to be ruined, they have in effect, surrendered to their abuser their right of self. Abusers are aware of the devastating powers of their actions so if the victim continues to live his/her life in the shadow of that abuse even after it has ceased, he/she is enabling the abuser to succeed in destroying their life thus achieving their goal.

I wrote this book in the progressive developmental language of a growing child to provide an opportunity for the reader to visualise the intimate thoughts of an imprisoned child of that age. This I hope would offer a tool, which could help to identify a child who is being abused.

I know how formidable a task it is to muster the strength to change the direction in which your early nurturing points you, but if you know any child who is going through a difficult life, tell them about my story, and tell them to believe and pray and then try as hard as they can to be the best they can be for themselves and their future children.

And if they can’t do it for that reason, do it just to lay bare the depravity of their abuser, and to show him or her by shining brightly, that they’ve lost their sadistic, evil hold.

What better way to avenge yourself than to laugh in your abuser’s face by living an exemplary life? What better way is there to expose their cowardice of taking advantage of a weaker person, than to exhibit bravery in your life? Overcome your abuser because your suffering doesn’t hurt them, it’s your happiness that does!

Anne. xxx


Monique said...

Dear Anne, that was such a moving story. Yeah, I was an abused child and indeed I won.

Anne Lyken-Garner said...

There are so many people out there who cannot get past their negative upbringing.

I'm so glad that there are others who can and do!

It feels good to have won.

Middle Ditch said...

It sure does.

dabrah said...

Well spoken Anne. I hope your story can help others.

dabrah said...

Hi Anne, I've tagged you for a meme, check out my blog.


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