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Join Me In Praying For Someone Else

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We spend our lives showcasing the wasteful existence we lead. We overeat, get fat, only to go on diets. We overspend, get into debt, only to pay back interest on money we didn't have in the first place. We like to have so much extra material on our modern jeans, they drag on the ground when we walk. Then we tear the extra bits off when they start to rip. Our cars are as big as possible. Our houses have more rooms than we need. We pay for Internet on our phones AND our laptops. Facebook and Twitter can't wait until we get home. Yes, we like to exhibit how much we waste. 

And while we're wallowing in this mess, our equals are dying of thirst and hunger. Women are burying their kids every day because they lack the few cents it costs to immunise their babies. But we go on, sometimes even asking God for more and more. Is it a wonder then, that when He answers our prayers, He just says 'no'. This week, I plan to shift my prayers. Each day I will ask for something for someone else. Please join me in this. Make a list of all the people you know (or think) who're in need at the moment. Start with one person and add another each day. At the end of the week, we should be praying for 7 people. 

Let us love life, give thanks for what we have, and honour those who're truly in need. 


myletterstoemily said...

this is a lovely idea and one dear to our
Lord's own heart. i was just reading this
morning in isaiah 24 that "He is a refuge
to the poor and needy."


•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

What you're saying here are all so true! I refuse to get internet for my phone..Everything can wait until I can get on the computer.

Your idea is superb! I will join you for this wonderful cause..

Anne Lyken-Garner said...

Thanks Lea and Icy. I look forward to this very special experience this week.

Glynis Peters said...

I now have 4 friends under the age of 56 who are very sick. They all live in my village and are expats. That is a very high percentage of sick friends.
1 has Multiple Sclerosis and is in last stages.
1 has Motor Neurone disease and has found he has entered the last stages, before knowing he had the disease.
1 has 4, yes 4 cancerous brain tumours
1 has Ovarian cancer, inoperable.

My dad is slowly dying, he is in final stages of Alzheimer's.

One friend, is undergoing investigations for an illness, and another is awaiting the results of a biopsy.

7 names were added to the village church prayer book by my Cypriot friends on my behalf, this weekend. How strange Anne, you chose the figure 7 for prayers and other people.

I count my blessings each day I rise happy and healthy. I am lucky.

Anne Lyken-Garner said...

Oh, Glynis. I will pray for the people on your list when I add someone else tomorrow. We don't know how blessed we are!

Anonymous said...

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Self Sagacity said...

you're right, thanks for the reminder. praying for someone else is always my thought about prayers.

DoanLegacy said...

Praying for someone else is much better than keep on asking for one self..Fantastic idea!


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